The Clients

“You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.”

We support many companies in their endeavours and have completed a notable amount of projects. Below are two examples of our work — one ongoing long-term collaboration, and one successfully finalised.


A leading provider of raw material benchmarks.


Their technology crawls public and private information sources, as well as gathering current price information from real trades to create a model of current and future resource prices.

  • Hardened server system
  • Backend infrastructure
    • Message queue
    • Mailer
  • ERP backend daemon
  • High-performance web-crawler
  • High-performance parsing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Proprietary prediction models

Online Video Editing

A web video editor for video content creation that does not require any previous knowledge. It can produce creative and informative videos in seconds by using freely available content on the internet as source material.


Used by major media like The Huffington Post, teachers and their school classes and countless creative internet users from all around the world.

  • Planning and setup server infrastructure
  • Redundancy and fail-over
  • Implementation backend daemons
  • Implementation caching strategy
  • Scaling the system to ten-thousands of active users