About the Organisation

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

We build, serve and maintain easy to use, reliable and secure cutting-edge software solutions for businesses. We also provide infrastructure and enterprise products as a service through our professional APIs.

Our Values

We strongly believe in building well-engineered, simple to use and secure solutions that do what they are supposed to, and not more (KISS principle). Our focus also lies on maintainability and extendability. Our products aim to be able to intelligently adapt to the needs of the user without the need for extensive redesign, and to be used intuitively with sane default options, without the need for extensive configuration.

Calgoty Logo

These values are represented by the protecting shield for security, the gears standing for the discipline of engineering, and the neurons in the lower half for (artificial) intelligence.

Press / Media

You can download high-resolution versions of our logo here:
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Research & Innovation

We are working on several research projects to help increase developer productivity and system security significantly.

Our current main focus lies on designing a declarative programming environment to rapidly write and deploy highly scalable HTTP API daemons. The goal is to enable corporations to test their product ideas with production-ready software within a single day.

Pleiades Logo

We are also a member of the Pleiades Innovation and Technology Cluster, a joint group of organisations that shapes new innovative technologies and makes them available to the public.

Behind the Scenes

Our solutions stand on the shoulders of outstanding open-source giants.

There are millions of software projects — unfortunately most of them not meeting the rigorous standards of software development as an engineering discipline. Even worse: quality is not a matter of popularity. There are a lot of big and widely used technologies that do not live up to our expectations.

To sort the wheat from the chaff, all software components must therefore meet a rigorous list of criteria before we will consider using them. We take great care to only leverage technologies that can uphold their reputation in following categories:

  • Efficienty (runtime & development)
  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Security

Proven Software Components

Technically inclined can find below an unordered list of open software projects we use on a regular basis. This is in no way a complete collection but should be seen as a rought overview to better understand mindset.

Operating Systems

Data Storage & Messaging